Overview & History

Overview & History

ATIO has been in business since 1986 - a long time in the IT industry, particularly in South Africa. In that time we’ve survived changes and plenty of turmoil, and certainly plan to be around for a long while to come. We’re positioned as a niche services provider in the ICT Industry, and predominantly build services and solutions around the core technologies we work with.

What really makes it work for us, and our customers, are the people that we have on board. People who are as passionate as the rest of the Management team about looking after our customers.

“Our Interactive division’s solutions stack is divided in three elements: technology solutions, professional services and managed services.

Our technology stack, central to our focus of providing high quality solutions for the entire enterprise, includes technologies and advanced applications that address business needs associated with communications, customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Our communications solutions include the latest capabilities in networking, unified communications and contact centre infrastructure.
Our advanced applications suite includes solutions to meet today’s demanding business requirements associated with workforce optimisation, customer self-service, assisted customer service, knowledge management and business analytics.”

All our offerings can be configured as on-premise, adapted Cloud or hybrid Cloud deployments. This flexibility allows our customers to both leverage existing investments in technology and take advantage of the benefits associated with Cloud-based services.

“ATIO’s telecoms division assures the quality and security of communication networks in Africa. What do we actually do - We provide a spectrum of services ranging from network testing and performance benchmarking, sophisticated monitoring and next generation operational support systems to network optimisation and cyber security solutions. This enables our customers to deliver competitive and high-quality communications to their markets and users.

Over the years we have built a reputation for delivering world-class services to our customers, including mobile and fixed network operators, global telecom equipment manufacturers, service providers, and large enterprises.
We will continue to grow this portfolio to ensure we keep our customers at the forefront of digital communications in a rapidly growing and changing marketplace.”

‘The power of curiosity’ talks to a state of mind that believes the status quo is just not good enough. It reminds our staff to keep challenging ourselves, to keep asking questions; and it requires a restless and curious mindset, so as to continuously improve the service levels to our customers.

The other non-negotiable in our branding is one of being ‘rock-solid’. It’s crucial for our customers to be able to rely on the fact that when we propose something, we propose it knowing it will work. When rock-solid Ationians lead, they lead knowing that they will be followed with confidence – and when rock-solid Ationians follow, they follow knowing that they will not be led astray.

‘Responsive’ - the third element of our brand - talks to a degree of honesty and flexibility, to be able to listen to what the client is telling you, interpret it and then put ourselves in their shoes.
To ask, “OK, how do we actually do that?”
To ask, “How do we respond appropriately so that we address the customer’s need?”

At the end of the day, it’s all about delivering what you promised… Everything about ATIO and its people is geared around that message. It’s how we recruit, manage, incentivise and retain our staff. It’s also how we ensure that we consistently under-promise, and over-deliver.

Ultimately, we measure ATIO’s success by one thing: the successes of our customers…


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