Active Network and Service Monitoring

Network monitoring tools abound, but many service providers still experience a disconnect between network statistics (optimistic view) and customer care feedback (realistic or pessimistic view). It is very common for the network element-based view to indicate that there is no problem, but customers complain of slow throughput, poor VOIP quality, incomplete web page downloads, interrupted video and more. Corporate SLAs re often measured in terms of throughput, latency and packet loss, but in reality what they are concerned about is application experience and resolution time when services fail. The challenge, therefore, is how to objectively test application service delivery and network performance from the customer’s perspective to identify and quantify these problems and therefore assist in speeding up the resolution time, resulting in a higher availability and quality network. The answer is Ixia HawkEyeTM. HawkEye is a cost-effective solution based on a central management platform with up to thousands of low-cost physical or virtual end points distributed throughout a network to conduct active testing across network. This provides an objective application-level experience of service delivery which is then used to manage and maintain desired or committed performance levels.