Reporting and Analytics

ATIO offers a comprehensive suite of reporting and analytics tools that allow you to gain an understanding of your customer engagement services across all channels in your enterprise as well as the actual content of all the interactions you have with your customers.

At an operational level, contact centre and IVR reporting tools from Avaya and Verint allow you to optimally manage your contact centre operations.

Speech and text analytics solutions from Avaya, NICE, Nuance and Verint enable the content analysis of all customer interactions coming into your enterprise across all channels. Insights gained using these tools will enable you to improve customer experience and increase operational efficiencies and effectiveness throughout the enterprise.

When used in conjunction with other sources of internal information that your enterprise has and with insights gained from social media, it is possible to get a much clearer understanding of customer behaviour, market trends and the views that customers have of your enterprise. Such information can be used to take a strategic view of how to improve your approach to customer engagement and also identify areas requiring organisational process or product improvement.

ATIO has partnered with fraXses to offer you a highly innovative business analytics capability that time allows the rapid analysis of information from multiple data sources. We can bring together information gained through contact centre interactions, self-service channels (such as the web and mobile applications), enterprise systems and social media. This enables, for the first time, the practical application of analytics when it counts most – at the time your customer is interacting with you, whether through assisted or self-service channels. This brings unlimited opportunity for developing customer service offerings that will differentiate you in your market.