Virtual Agent

A Virtual Agent (also known as a chatbot, virtual assistant or avatar) is a computer generated, animated, artificial intelligence virtual character that serves as an online customer service representative. It leads an intelligent conversation with users, responds to their questions and performs adequate non-verbal behavior. The use of virtual agents can significantly enhance customer experience and increase call avoidance into your contact centre. The selection of a virtual is closely tied to an organisation’s brand, and hence is usually a decision made jointly with the Marketing and Public Relations functions of your organisation. The look and feel need to be aligned to the corporate image and the functionality behind the virtual agent needs to be continually managed to ensure accuracy of information as well as the management of the knowledge base content which effectively enables the virtual agent to respond appropriately to the customers’ queries. The role of the virtual assistant/agent can vary from guidance on how to navigate an organisation’s website to actually responding to various queries. A key criteria for a successful virtual agent is the ability to seamlessly transfer the “chat” to a live agent if the query transcends the ability of the virtual agent to handle the query.