Mobile Networks

Mobile network operators face unprecedented pressure to get more performance out of their networks. Upgrades to 3G and LTE, vendor swaps, capacity or coverage upgrades, spectrum re-farming, rollout of IoT platforms and introduction of new features and products all need to be done in a tightly controlled manner and with rapid execution. And you must know your competition. ATIO offers specialist technical services to test, measure, optimise and manage quality throughout the network lifecycle. Our services range from benchmark drive testing and analytics to RAN optimisation and network KPI maintenance. We combine our expert skills with best-in-class test, measurement and post-processing tools to deliver real value to our clients.

In the mobile core, we use the sophisticated IxiaTM solutions to perform advanced service emulation and testing for end-to-end, single element and wrap-around testing. We test the network’s ability to launch new services effectively, replicate complex network problems and verify network element configuration before launch.
Security cannot be separated from communications technology and ATIO offers solutions to reduce an organization’ attack surface through cyber test and advanced threat protection solutions.