ATIO’s benchmark testing service (drive testing, walk testing and user emulation testing) is offered to mobile and fixed wireless network operators, equipment manufacturers and telecommunication regulatory authorities. Independent benchmarking has become a key decision driver for our customers to assess subscriber experience for voice and data services. It has also become an important tool in regulatory compliance management to provide objective information to other stakeholders such as government and public interest groups. ATIO has unrivalled and internationally-recognized experience in delivering benchmark testing across all modern wireless technologies in diverse conditions and markets. 

Our rock-solid test methodologies and control mechanisms ensure an accurate result that offers a clear assessment of comparative service performance. Voice, data, video, 2G, 3G, HSPA, LTE, LTE-A….ATIO covers all the permutations you need. We use best-in-class benchmark drive testing tools and analytics platforms, incorporating the latest big data processing and reporting technologies.