Performance Management

Aligns contact organisational activities with enterprise goals: provides scorecards and dashboards to measure staff, team and departmental performance to provide the data, metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to enhance both employee and customer experience.

Performance management can be a separate module but in most solution sets, performance management is grouped with WFM and potentially QM or desktop analytics (in the back office environment). Performance management collects and collates information from the contact centre, analytics and backend systems, as well as quality scores, and based upon the performance achieved against an individual performance scorecard provides the individual and management with visibility of their performance.

The tool allows the individual to compare their performance against their target, but could also (permission dependent) allow them to compare their performance against their peer group (team/contact centre). Management can see overall contact centre/back office area performance and drill down to specific teams or individuals within those teams. Dashboards available with most performance management solutions make the solution easy to use and effective in terms of people management.