Workforce Management

Forecasts and schedules employee staffing needs; may include self-service capabilities, intra-day management, real-time adherence (RTA) and long-term planning capabilities.

Workforce Management encompasses the scope of planning, forecasting and scheduling to ensure that sufficient resources are available to handle inbound and outbound interaction volumes and mix of skillsets associated with the respective volumes. The WFM tool effectively imports historical call/interaction arrival patterns, uses these to forecast future volumes (allowing planning input to increase or decrease the volumes according to events or projected impact) and schedules the available (or planned) resources in order to maintain a designated service level.

The WFM tool also allows for intraday planning, reporting adherence against the planned schedule and comparison of planned versus actual volumes received. Workforce planning in what-if mode allows the business to determine how many resources would be required to handle future volumes given an interaction arrival pattern and target service level.

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